This webinar is all about the Moon and how to get in tune the flow of the lunar phases!


Being in harmony with the Moon and its phases, particularly the new and Full Moons can be a powerful practice for men and women. Connecting with the lunar phases supports emotional well being, intuition, and provide times to set our intentions for new beginnings as well as endings.


During this two hour webinar, we will take a deep look at the new and full Moon phases for July-September.-


  • Full Moons: July 8, August 7, September 6 (PDT)


  • New Moons: July 23, August 21, September 19 (PDT)


  • Basic indications of the Moon in the birth chart and the story of Chandra; why it was cursed to wax and wane.


  • Detailed information about the new and full Moon phases of July, August and September, which includes the Lunar and Solar eclipses on August 7 and 21. The August 21 eclipse is the first eclipse to occur from the west coast to the east coast of the US in many decades!


  • Overview of the nakshatras for each new and full Moon phase.


  • Details about the sign and specific house  that the new and full Moon will fall into by rising sign. We will also be taking as many charts of participants (with permission!) as time allows and looking at the various lunar phases and the potential meanings.


  • Other planetary influences to the new and full Moon phases.


  • Moon meditation with complimentary Yantra


  • Everyone who registers will receive a Moon Yantra Cosmic Cling


  • You do not need to have knowledge of astrology to benefit from this class!


Chakras, Mandalas and Yantras

Powerful tools for transformation and healing.