Wisdom Guide

Boundless enthusiasm. Good vibrations. Jumping for joy! Friends and family just love being around you. It is always a sunny day in your universe. Others perceive you as enthusiastic, compassionate and generous. And oh so wise. Because of this attitude for gratitude you make a wonderful teacher or guru.


You have an innate ability to guide or mentor others and you may even teach or coach others for a living. You are inspired and inspiring to others. You have a tendency to take on more projects than you have time for. You have a knack for excellent judgment and making wise, ethical choices. Seeker of spirituality and wisdom.


Foreign travel and philosophy are passions of yours and you are always seeking out and sharing new wisdom. You never met a subject you didn’t want to learn more about and are usually reading about a dozen books at once. Not too many, right?


Empower Your Jupiter Personality Traits

If you are attracted to the Jupiter Yantra but are have difficulties in these areas of your life then the Wisdom Guide yantra is the right one for you.


You can learn more about the ancient wisdom of yantras and their ability to remedy afflictions to planets and how they can support your life through a prescriptive yantra vedic astrology reading.


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Chakras, Mandalas and Yantras

Powerful tools for transformation and healing.