Intuitive Tides of Emotion


Like the tides, your intuition and emotions run deep. Sometimes overflowing. At other times they are buried beneath the waves.


Your watery nature may feel more relaxed and content being near water. The sounds of surf crashing into the shore calls to you as you walk along the beach drinking in all of the watery comforts of the ocean. You dream of a house by the sea where you can sit quietly watching the seabirds floating above the waves.


Your compassion for others is genuine and you are often found caring for many. Intuition, sensitivity, and sociability are your strong suits. You always seem to know what people are thinking before they say it! You tend to favor your instincts and your intuition over the more rational analytical choices. Your feelings may be easily hurt.


Empower your Moon Personality Traits

If you feel like you need to support your intuition, personal happiness, self-love and acceptance, the Moon Yantra is the right choice for you. Our emotional patterns are grounded through the use of the Moon Yantra.


You can learn more about the ancient wisdom of yantras and their ability to remedy afflictions to planets and how they can support your life through a prescriptive vedic astrology reading.


Moon in Your Horoscope

To better understand the role of Moon in your Vedic horoscope and what is coming up for you in the year ahead a detailed analysis of your horoscope is recommended.


If you are attracted to the Moon Yantra but are have difficulties in the areas in your life then the Intuition and Emotional yantra is the right choice for you.


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