Success stories - What Pamela's clients are saying

I just had the most astonishing, accurate, synchronistic astrology reading I could have ever imagined! It was nothing short of magical!! Pamela McDonough, I am so very grateful for your reading today... I feel like I've just been given a glimpse of the Akashic records! Flown through the Cosmos and back again. What an experience. So much light shed, so much clarity!!! My soul has been deeply touched by all that you know and all that you've shared today-- I am so thankful!!! Jen, PA

Taya Malakian

Soulful Solutions


"I have had a couple of Vedic Astrology readings with Pamela, and both readings have changed my life! 


My first reading gave me so much insight into who I really am and how to navigate the world from this deep place of wisdom. I gained a clearer path in how best to live my life authentically. 

I also received an understanding about certain events in my past and the purpose they served which offered healing and release.

My second reading was during a time of great confusion where after a period of depression and despair I realized that a reading with Pamela was just the thing I needed for clarity and piece of mind. I was not disappointed! Pamela was able to show me how the planetary interactions in my chart were shaping my current state, and that the challenges I was facing where part of a greater dance for my own growth and benefit. During our consultations I felt a deep wave of relief and understanding wash over me. 

Having this bigger picture of my life has enabled me to make important decisions founded in the confidence I feel from this greater perspective. Pamela is not only gifted and insightful, she is also easy to talk to and patient in explaining

your Vedic chart and the meaning behind it. She also can offer yantra recommendations for meditations to ease any challenging aspects in your astrology as well as a mantra practice. I have been utilizing her suggestions for months now, and this beautiful practice has had profound results for me.

I will rely on Pamela's wisdom for years to come! I hope you get as much out of your reading as I did!"  

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Lucianne Hackbert Phd,

Tending to the Soul



"Pamela really helped me to focus on what I need to do and what needs to be put aside. Her reading confirmed some of my intuitions and gave me the confidence to turn these into effective action!"

Luci, Seattle

Pamela provided me with a very insightful and accurate reading, pinpointing dates that would turn out to be very successful for the launch of my new business.  Her interpretation of my chart was extremely helpful and offered me direction as I pursue my passions.  I love the ancient cures and mantras she offers, specifically attuned to my chart.  They've helped me to connect, clear and strengthen energies to manifest my desires.  I really appreciate her gift and dedication!

I first saw Pamela last summer, and I remember one of our last sessions she asked if I was pregnant, and I told her there was a chance. She told me it was because I was in a cycle where this was an incredible possibility.

And today, I have a 3 month old.

I had been with the same partner for years and of all the "accidents" I thought nothing. I had a partial thought I couldn't get pregnant for biological reasons (especially with how many "accidents" I had in the past with my partner).

One of the last readings I received she went through subjects about my "housing situation" and my relationship with my mother, telling me this would be a time to work on improvement and mending.

As it turned out, my living situation with my partner disintegrated and I ended up in a very intimate living space with my mother, who I will now likely be looking for a new house with.

Everything that has happened was outlined in my readings with Pamela, and as it's happening, I find myself going back to her recorded session to see "what happens next." If you've ever been in a place of uncertainty, needed guidance or just wanted some clarity about something going on your life, I would highly recommend a Jyotish session with Pamela.  She will truly deliver and amaze!"  


Patricia Perez



Chakras, Mandalas and Yantras

Powerful tools for transformation and healing.