SATURN RAHU CONJUNCTION - September 16 & 17, 2013

We are coming up on a major planetary conjunction on Monday! Saturn and Rahu - the two planets that represent the air element, are going to be conjunct in Libra late Monday night, early Sunday morning.

Saturn is the planet that represents karma, democracy, structure and discipline to name a few. Rahu on the other hand shows where our greatest desires are and where we have unfulfilled desire from past lives (when looking at the birth chart).

All of this “wind” that is being stirred up from these two planets in Libra has the potential to create anxiety (Vata/wind related from the Ayurvedic perspective) depending upon what planets they connect with in your birth chart. Starting now until about a week after the conjunction will be the most intense time.

So if you feel like you are anxious or have obstacles, the best thing to do is....take some time to meditate or go to yoga, for a walk or connect with the earth through gardening. Make sure to eat Vata reducing foods like steamed vegetables and rice if you are feeling anxious.

You can also meditate on the Saturn and/or Rahu yantras and chant a mantra for Kali and/or Durga.

And if you want to “hire a professional” you can always be part of a puja. This is a link to one that is very affordable, done by the Sai Baba Temple of Austin this Saturday.

May we all pass through this time with ease!

Jai Durga!

Thanks for taking time to read my blog.

Namaste, Pamela

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