Planetary Energy of the Day - Mars

October 8, 2013

Mars is back in action as of 10/5! He will be transiting one of his very favorable signs (sidereal) Leo until November 25. In general this is very positive for personal energy and goal oriented objectives.


Tuesday is a great day to harness the energy of Mars and "go to battlle" -  of course in a positive way! If you have to do something that requires courage or action, today is THE day for things that require the energy of Mars!


Red is the color for Mars and you can harmonize your personal energy to the vibration of Mars by wearing something red today.  When I was in India staying at the Johari home, everyone in the Johari family honored this tradition and it was such a natural and beautiful way to connect and resonate to the energy of the day. I have practiced this since my trip and it really does make a difference!


The energy of Mars connects to courage, and the ability to meet our goals. Some of the key words for Mars: GOAL DIRECTED OBJECTIVES, ACTION, ATHLETICISM, PERSONAL ENERGY,  LEADERSHIP, SIBLINGS


If you are having issues with Mars related things you can start with some simple remedies:  Make sure to do something ATHLETIC on Tuesdays! This will get your energy moving in a positive direction. The "down" side of Mars energy can be anger, excess heat in the body (pitta). A great way to help manage that is through healthy exercise. If you have excess pitta, or heat already in your body then you might want to try swimming instead of Bikram Yoga.


Also, if your energy is low or if you have specific goals you want to achieve now, then the Mars yantra may be just what you need to support your objectives!  You can purchase your Mars yantra giclee print at


Happy Tuesday, and may all your goals be acheived!


Thanks for taking time to read my blog.


Namaste,  Pamela

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