Planetary Energy of the Day - Saturn

Saturday is Saturn's day! Right now Saturn is transiting his very social sign of (sidereal) Libra. Saturn is exalted and very strong, while conjoined closely (of late) with the other very vata/windy planet Rahu in the very "windy" nakshatra* (see note at the end of this blog) of Swati.

Some of you may have felt the scattered energy of wind/vayu as these two planets have hit sensitive points in your charts. The vata dosha can be aggravated by transits like these. So if you have been eperiencing any anxiety or just feeling like a "tumbleweed in the wind" this may be one of the infuences!

The color for Saturn is black or dark blue. To harmonize your personal energy to today, and honor Saturns karmic gifts that he blesses us with you can wear something black or dark blue today. This is an easy way to start your day and connect with the energy of the planets.

Saturn in your birth chart connects deeply to karma, work, sorrow, old things, people advanced in years, decay, responsibiliy and organization to name a few. And he brings us the decay in the body that can wake us up to a spiritual path.

So, what can you do to better weather these storms during the remainder of the Saturn and Rahu transit?

One simple way to help ease the suffering of a Saturn transit is to help someone in need on a Saturday. One wonderful remedy is to help feed the homeless. Or you could volunteer one Saturday a month at a seniors (Saturn) retirement home (double Saturn!). My Jyotish guru Souvik Dutta founder of Ancient Indian Astrology classes likes to recommend remedies that are very simple and easy for people to connect with and perform. I think these two things fit the bill! You will be amazed at how much this can ease your suffering that comes with the ripening of karmic fruits that are associated with Saturn.

And for those inclined mantra and yantra are very beneficial. A mantra for Kali is very good for transits of Saturn. This in combination with meditation on the Saturn yantra (pictured) can be very protective when you are receiving a strong "Gaze"of Saturn! You can order your Saturn yantra print here.

Our prints are created from the original sculptures and are Giclee prints on acid free handmade paper at over 14,000 pixels per inch. Many people have share with us how the energy and the dimension of the original sculptures come through in the prints.

You can also be sure to eat a healthy vata reducing diet - like steamed vegetable, rice, avoid "dry" foods like granola, crackers, raw vegetables or skipping meals which all contribure to excess vata.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog and happy Saturn-day!

Namaste, Pamela

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* Nakshatra - For those of you who are not familiar with nakshatras please make sure to catch this free AIAC webinar with a wonderful AIAC teacher, Sueann McKean on October 20 - here is the link to attend the seminar

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