Planetary Energy of the Day - Jupiter

Planetary Energy of the Day/Vara is JUPITER! Jupiter or Brihaspati is the energy that connects to Thursday. Jupiter represents wisdom, gurus. spirituality, expansion, justice, counsel, children and all things fortunate! Connect and harmonize your energy this this positive energy of Jupiter today by wearing something egg yolk yellow in color. Jupiter is asscociated with the positive energy in the NE, so if you have "bloackages" in this direction, for example a house or building that is much higher and right in the NE direction the positive flow of this energy from Jupiter can be blocked. This area of the home is great for yoga and meditation, keeping furniture light and away from the wall a few inches. Numerologicaly Jupiter connects to the #3 and the element of akash. If you are experiencing any difficulty with the things in your life connected to Jupiter, or want to improve upon these topics, TODAY is the day to consciously connect to the energy of the day and make some small changes to see an improvement in your life!

Here are some simple solutions:

  • Meditate on the Jupiter Yantra (you can find prints of the Jupiter yantra shown here. Yantras are protective devices and help create balanced energy in your environment and at a deep cellular level.

  • Chant a mantra while meditating on the yantra. Mantras can be personalized based upon your Veduc horoscope.

  • Fast for 16 weeks on Thursday! This doesnt have to be a full on water only type of fast. Depending on your dosha and your age, you may want to eat small amounts of nuts some fruit and drink some juice. This will "cleanse" the energy of the indications of Jupiter.

  • If you are having problems with the family, make sure to eat dinner together on this day! AIAC guru Souvik Dutta likes to teach SIMPLE remedies that really do work Try it out for yourself!

Have a wonderful, inspired Jupiterian day!

Thank you for taking time to read my blog.

Namaste, Pamela

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