SUN Day - Changing Signs and Elements!

Happy SUN day! As I write this blog entry the Sun is just getting reading to leave sidereal Scorpio and enter into Sagittarius at about 12:57pm PST. And the Sun is making this shift on the day that he rules which is Sunday. So this is a significant occurrence! I will explain this is detail in a bit.

The Sun is the "king " of the planets and in modern society represents our government, local, state and national as well as international.

The Sun in Vedic Astrology also represents our soul, at the deepest level, confidence and the ability to be visible and "shine" our light out into the public eye, particularly for those in the creative and entertainment fields or those who are in any leadership role.

So when the Sun is changing signs and PARTICULARLY when changing from a water sign like Scorpio into a fire sign such as Sagittarius, the shift is "uncomfortable". It also weakens the indications of the planet and the meaning that the planet holds for each of us based upon our charts.

Technically this time is considered Sandhi (the boundary between Scorpio and Sagittarius) and Gandanta. The sanskrit word Gandanta, is derived from gand, means 'knot', and anta means 'end'. So Gandanta is a significant point in the zodiac related to changing Nakshatras (lunar mansions). I will write more about this in the next few days. This period will last through December 18, 2013.

It is best to wait on any significant projects that are connected to the Sun during this time due to the weakness of the planet. Think of it like this - when a planet changes signs he is changing costumes. The energy of the sign is the costume that influences the planets and it takes time for them to get comfortable in their new clothes!

The Sun leaving the transformational sign of Scorpio and moving into the natural 9th sign of the zodiac that is more concerned with spirituality, philosphy and wisdom of Jupiter as the ruler of Sagittarius.

You can meditate on the Sun yantra to deepen your connection and harmonize the energy and meanings of the Sun in your life. Also a personalized mantra can be recommended based upon your Vedic horoscope.

Sun Yantra SUPPORTS: SOUL, CHARISMA, CELEBRITY, VITALITY, FAME, FATHER AND LEADERSHIP. For Vastu purposes Sun energy relates to the Eastern direction, and this yantra is well placed in this direction within the home or office to support the energy of the Sun.

Thank you for reading my blog and have a great SUN day!



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