Planetary Energy of the Day - Venus

VARA = day...each day of the week carries the energy of a planet. Vara is one part of the Indian calendar called "Panchanga".

It is very harmonious to connect with the planetary energy of the day. SInce today is Friday, it is the day of Venus or Shukra.

Venus has a number of meanings but primarily it is the planet that represents love.

Beauty, harmony, relationships, pleasure, creativity passion, and art.

These are all key meanings that connect to the planet Venus.

If you are experencing challenges in any of these areas, you can work with the following remedial measures:

  • Make sure you have a date night on Friday with your husband/wife/partner - go to a nice movie and dinner! This is an enjoyable and simple remedy that can support relationships on the day of Venus.

  • Venus energy relates to the SE direction, and the Venus yantra (pictured - is well placed in this direction within the home or office to support the energy of Venus. And there is a meditation and mantra that can be invoked to support the Venus in your chart specifically!

  • Do something artistic! Take a painting class or do something that beautifies your environment. You will start to see shifts in the energy of your life around all things Venusian!

  • The primary colors for Venus is white and light blue. Wear something to harmonize your personal energy with the day.

Happy Friday! Thanks for taking time out to read my blog. You can read some of my other astrological articles here.

And for more wisdom on yantras make sure to check out Mick's blog.

Namaste, Pamela

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