Important Astrological dates for April and May!

There's a lot of activity from the planets that carry challenging energy, or what I like to think of as opportunity for personal transformation in the coming month!

Here are some important upcoming astrological dates to mark on your calendar:

April 15(PDT) - tax day and the Total Lunar Eclipse.

April 16 - Retro Mars / Mercury opposition

April 18 - Sun conjoins Ketu

April 20 - Mercury leaves Pisces and enters Aries with Ketu and the Sun

April - Mercury conjoins Ketu

April 26 - Mercury goes combust the Sun

Arpil 27 - Venus enters Pisces (yay)!

April 29 (PDT) - Annular Solar Eclipse

May 2 - Mercury / Saturn opposition

May 10 - Sun opposes Saturn and Venus opposes Mars - this is going to be a very interesting day!

I will be writing about some of the meanings of these planetary configurations in the weeks to come!

You can be guaranteed that the astrology during next month or so is going to be action packed with some intense transits.

These dates will give us all a great chance to practice compassion, patience and love toward others and ourselves!

Namaste, Pamela

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