A Significant Four Week Period for Transiting Planets!

There are a number of very significant planetary shifts and combinations that are occurring over the next few months.

6/18/14 Jupiter >> Glides into Cancer and it’s exaltation sign on June 18 around 8:18pm PDT. This the most auspicious house for Jupiter and is a once in every 12 year transit! Make sure that you use this time to plant the seeds of wisdom and abundance for the next 13 months to come!

6/18/14 Venus >> Moves into it’s own sign shortly after sunrise on this day (PDT) of the earthy Taurus through July 13. Any planet transiting it’s own sign will be strengthened. Venus is the planet of beauty, art, love and wealth as it connects to Lakshmi.

7/1/14 Mercury >> Mercury finally stations direct at the very beginning of the sign Gemini. Mercury is very strong in it’s own sign and the air element of the tri-doshic Mercury is emphasized during this transit. Mercury rules over communication, business and on our bodies, the shoulders and arms. This will be an excellent time to fine tune our Mercurial traits. Especially on Wednesdays as this is the day ruled by Mercury.

These transits will create four planets (excluding the Sun and Moon) in their own signs during July - Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. Of the four, three are benefics; Jupiter, Venus and Mercury (Mercury can be very positive when not influenced by malefics) is indeed a welcome respite from the difficult transits we have all experienced for some time now.

7/13/14 Rahu/Ketu >> Changing signs from the Libra/Aries axis to the Virgo/Pisces axis. This is considered to be a strong placement for these two shadow planets. The eclipse patterns will also begin to shift along with this axis. But we will have one final eclipse on the Aries/Libra axis in October after this transit into Virgo/Pisces.

7/13/14 Rahu/Ketu - Mars >> The god of war conjucts Rahu at a very sensitive degree in late Virgo just before Mars re-enters Libra on this same day to tracks its path back through Libra from the retrograde phase earlier this year. This is a potentially volatile time, and an excellent time to keep calm, not get into any altercations and practice patience and compassion for our fellow beings on this planet. Mars is fire and Rahu carries a very strong element of air. Together they can create explosive situations, figuratively and literally.

7/20/14 Saturn >> Saturn finally is turning in direct motion at the tail end of the day, around 10:34pm PDT. Saturn’s retrograde phase is quite long, around four months so this is a big event! Planets in our birth charts at the 20 - 24 degree range will feel this shift most dramatically.

Many important movements in the upcoming month! How this effects you depends upon your Vedic horoscope.

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Thank you for taking time to read my blog.



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