Jupiter in Cancer: So What or So Spectacular?

That is the question!

I promised yesterday that I would expand upon this very auspicious transit of Jupiter that begins today.

Jupiter is entering Cancer later today for the first time since July 2002. What is the big deal we Vedic Astrologers are making about this transit anyway?

Jupiter is considered to be the most benevolent planet in the system of Vedic astrology. Jupiter rules the natural ninth house, Sagittarius, (starting from Aries) which is related to our dharma, expansion. spirituality, gurus, teaching, foreign lands. fortune and father. Knowledge that includes wisdom -- full understanding of knowledge is related to Jupiter.

As my Jyotish guru Souvik Dutta teaches, Jupiter is also the most handsome planet! Usually you can see a certain quality in the face of someone who has a strong influence from a well placed Jupiter. Almost like a glow or radiance.

Some of the indications of Jupiter come from the astronomical observation of the planet. And if you think about it Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.

Interestingly Jupiter rules the fat on our bodies. So this expansive transit may likely expand our waistlines if we are not conscious of the food we eat! That of course is going to be connected to where this Jupiter is in our charts. If it is connected strongly to our second house of food this may be an issue.

Cancer is the sign where Jupiter (Brihaspati) has phenomenal potential to express and manifest planetary energy associated with the most fortunate qualities of Jupiter.

So what does this transit of Jupiter in Cancer mean for each one of us?

It would be nice if Jyotish was so simple that I could create a 12 sign forecast but truth be told, it is not!

This transit will be experienced by each one of us differently based upon our specific chart and our karmas. Where our planets are at birth in relationship to Cancer and Jupiter will effect our experience. Which dasha period are we currently experiencing. What houses does Jupiter rule in our horoscope? And much more.

Regardless of these conditions we can all tap into this heightened benevolent energy of Jupiter during this time to help us manifest our objectives in the next year during this auspicious transit.

Here are some ways we can do this:

  • Remember Jupiter on Thursday which is the day of the week ruled by Jupiter.

  • You can wear the color of Jupiter which is sunflower yellow on this day to harmonize your energy and tap into the energy of Jupiter more freely.

  • Meditate on the Jupiter yantra on Thursdays.

  • Chant a mantra for Vishnu - Aum Namo Narayanaye

You can learn specifically how this transit will affect you personally with a Vedic astrology reading. You can schedule an appointment for a reading with me online here.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu! May all beings be happy and free from suffering!

Wishing you all a very wisdom filled, joyous transit of Jupiter through Cancer.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog.



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