Venus, Jupiter and the Moon - A Rare Collaboration!

There is an extraordinarily beautiful thread of energy between Venus, Moon and Jupiter that will be felt starting midday today, August 17 (pdt) and will continue through Tuesday (pdt).

The planet of love, <3 art and beauty meets wise Jupiter in the watery domain of Cancer. The teacher of the Asuras (Venus) meets the guru of the Devas (Jupiter)! This is a very interesting combination of planetary energy!

Moon and Venus will factor strongly into the meeting between Venus and Jupiter.

During this conjunction, Moon will be transiting through its favorite sign, Taurus. The Moon is very stable and satisfied in earthy Taurus. The Moon in Rohini is traversing very fertile ground and the watery element of the Moon will fuel growth for the seeds planted during this time.

A magnificent parivartana yoga is formed the exchange between Moon and Venus by Venus being in the sign of Moon and Moon in the sign of Venus. This exchange occurs simultaneously during the association of Jupiter and Venus!

Venus and the Moon will bring our emotions, creativity and our relationships as they relate to our spirituality into focus during this time period.

Jupiter is in Pushya nakshatra, and the shakti of Pushya is to create spiritual energy. Combined with Moon and Venus it is also very creative, rajasic and tamasic.

What is your spiritual connection to your partner, loved ones or your own creative and artistic endeavors? How does it nurture you and how will it continue to evolve?

What action do you want to take to materialize now? This is the time to set your intentions!

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