Mars Saturn Conjunction Coming August 25

In spite of this lovely influence today with Venus, the Moon and Jupiter that I posted earlier today...there is a planetary storm brewing!

Mars and Saturn are just about ready to meet. We are ~ 8 days away (depending upon your time zone) from this challenging engagement of these two planetary enemies. Mars and Saturn usually head into battle only about once every two years or so.....thank goddess!

These two planets are definitely not good friends. They have conflicting elements. Mars is very fiery and Saturn is carrying the element of wind. Nor do they have the same perspective on how they like to function. Mars wants everything now and Saturn wants to go step by step. Wind and fire, warrior and servant. Not a peaceful combination, especially in the sign of Libra which signifies the "other". Also trade and commerce fall under the sign of Libra.

(You can see the how the energies are completely different from the yantra sculptures that are shown in this post. Now is a great time to meditate on these archetypal energies to work through these polarities).

Result - frustration, anger and feeling blocked. Especially for anyone who is ruled by Venus, Mars or Saturn. Which accounts for six signs of the 12 zodiac signs. Or, anyone who has their chart ruler in the signs of Venus, Saturn or Mars. Which more than likely takes care of the other six signs. So we can safely say that many of us will be feeling this planetary influence over the next two to three weeks. will be a great opportunity to practice patience, compassion and BREATHING.

The key will be the Moon as it transits through air and fire signs. Watch these transits particularly as we approach the conjunction and the week or two beyond August 25. This Tuesday may be particularly challenging for government, democracy and peace.

This combination is classically a signature for war, and Aia Classes has posted at length about this influence.

Stay cool. Chant your mantras. Practice compassion for yourself and others.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti!

Thank you for taking time to read my blog, Pamela

If you would like to schedule a rading to find out how this time might affect your life experience or you just want an update on how the next year looks for you, you can schedule your appointment online here:


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