The Transit of Venus: Three Important Weeks Ahead!

The good news is that Venus (Shukra) the planet of love, beauty, art and procreation has finally left its sign of debilitation (Virgo/Kanya) and has moved into its own sign of Libra (Thula) for the next three weeks.

This article shares some important upcoming influences to Venus in the next three weeks.

While Venus is transiting Libra there will be some icnteresting planetary interactions along with the entanglement of Venus in the Solar eclipse on October 23rd. There will also be a meeting between Venus, the Sun and the servant, Saturn.

Shortly after the Solar eclipse,Venus will meet the Sun on October 25. Whenever a planet transits close the Sun it is almost like an eclipse of the transiting planet.

Think about it like this; if you were looking at the Sun in the day sky and there was a planet next to it, which one would you see shining brightly?

The Sun! It is so big and bright that you are not be able see anything that comes close to it.

The various meanings and things that Venus symbolizes along with the indications of the sign Libra (procreation, trade, relationships) will not be strongly supported during the eclipse and the conjunction with the Sun.

Once Venus moves past the Sun it will still remain in a very close relationship with the Sun through the first week of November. At the same time Venus will be hemmed in between the debilitated Sun and exalted Saturn while in Libra. This is a very interesting configuration.

This places the planet of love and relationships in the middle of these two planetary enemies. It may have us considering where the balance is in our personal relationships. Or we may seek a new-found humility as we interact with those we love.

Broadly, this transit also may raise issues around justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges (particularly as it relates to relationships) within any given society.

Venus finally breaks free from this Sun/Saturn sandwich on November 12 after a meeting with Saturn in early Scorpio.

Between the eclipse and the interactions of the Venus with Sun and Saturn this would suggest that important issues and decisions related to Venus and Libra (also at it relates specifically to your chart, may best be delayed until mid-November).

Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog!

You can schedule a reading with me here to better understand how this important transit may affect your life experience.



~ Painting by Josephine Wall

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