The Pinch: Mars and Saturn Exchange Signs

Hold onto your hats friends!

Soon after Mercury slips into Scorpio in the wee hours of November 24 (tomorrow!) to join Saturn, Sun and Venus, Mars charges into its exaltation point of Capricorn. This is the sign where it is most powerful.

This is a very unique upcoming transit because Saturn is currently transiting the sign of Mars while Mars will be in the sign of Saturn. Think of it like a house swap on airbnb.

There will be many subtle nuances to this energetic exchange (such as, parivartana yoga) as they transit through the Nakshatras, and as they engage with other planets. Particularly the Moon.

This article is intended to cover some of the overarching themes of how this somewhat uncommon transit might affect our lives.

At the end of this article I share key dates during this important transit.

One way to see how these transits have played out is to go back in time and look at significant historical events both personally and from a global perspective.

The last time this same transit of Mars in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio occurred was 9/26/86 through 11/16/86.

Mars connects directly to the military and defense. Saturn is representative of those who serve.

On October 1, 1986, U.S. President Ronald Reagan signed the Goldwater–Nichols Act into law. Making official the largest reorganization of the United States Department of Defense since 1947. The consequences of this act are not in scope for this article, but it would be very interesting to research, particularly as we pass through this transit time and see if there are any changes to the previous reorganization.

But how will this affect us on a more personal level?

There are four planets in Scorpio for part of this transit phase (Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Sun). Each of these planets will be strongly under the influence of Mars as the depositor, or owner of the sign Scorpio. Mars will also be significantly influenced by Saturn. Namely on three counts: First, by graha dristhi from Saturn. Secondly, by virtue of the fact that Saturn owns Capricorn and thirdly, by rashi drishti from Scorpio to Capricorn. Additionally, Mars will also influence Saturn by rashi dristhi from Capricorn to Scorpio. (I will have more on rashi dristhi in a subsequent article and keep the focus for this article on graha dristhi.

Notably, the Moon is going to receive a heavy dose of energy from these both Mars and Saturn as it transits Capricorn and Leo. This is the connection point where the transits of the Moon become very, very personal between these two planets! Along with the potential for extreme emotional mood swings.

We will experience the first connection point between Moon, Mars and Saturn on Thanksgiving Day. Many families and friends in the US will be gathering; some coming together in joy, and others may be doing so out of obligation.

Whatever the dynamics are among our friends and family, this will be an extremely important day to practice compassion, breathing and contemplate our underlying motives and not engage in battle with others.

Interestingly the Moon will also be transiting Capricorn over the Christmas holiday and part of Hanukkah. Again we will see the influence to of the Moon (our minds and our emotions) from Mars and Saturn on other key US holiday dates.

The saving grace is that exalted Jupiter will be influencing both Scorpio and Capricorn during this time, bringing wisdom and grace to the equation. Although Jupiter will stationing and it will be retrograde for most of this transit.

To add additional complexity to this particular configuration, it is important that we focus some attention toward the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is caught squarely in the middle of the energetic exchange between Mars and Saturn.

Technically, this configuration creates a papakartari yoga which is a hemming in of the sign by two strong malefic planets.

Whatever house Sagittarius represents in our horoscope, and any planets therein will be enveloped between this exchange of Mars and Saturn. Think of it like as a pinching effect.

Therefore, wherever Sagittarius falls in your chart, you may experience some frustration or blockage.

For example, if Sagittarius is your tenth house of career (for Pisces rising) you may feel particularly frustrated during this time. Or if you are Virgo rising you may have issues around personal happiness, home or your relationship with your mother.

Every person on the planet will experience this hemming in of Sagittarius The envelopment Sagittarius as it gets caught in the crossfire of Mars and Saturn in Capricorn and Aquarius.

Any planet that falls in Leo will also be experiencing this burst of energy from Mars and Saturn. Leo rising and people with Sun or Moon or lagna lord (chart ruler) will feel this transit intensely.

This concentration of energy bearing down on Sagittarius will intensify as Sun, Venus and Mercury move out of Scorpio and enter Sagittarius (see dates at the end of this article).

Venus will be the first to get caught in the fray from by early December. Mercury will be next, followed by Sun. So anyone who is Leo, Taurus, Libra, Gemini or Virgo may particularly feel the intensity of this energy during the dates they are transiting Sagittarius (see the end of this article for key transit dates).

The new Moon on 12/21 also falls in the sign of Sagittarius. (More on this in my next article.)

So what can we do if we start to experience the pinch of Mars and Saturn during this time?

You can chant mantra, meditate on yantras, practice yoga, focus and practice compassion. You can also find time to commune with nature and connect with the earth such as the soothing element of water. Lastly, if at all possible, try not to make rash life changing decisions.



11/27/14 - 1/14/15: Parivartana yoga with Mars and Saturn -

Mars and Saturn Influence to the Moon

11/27/14 - all day - Capricorn

12/11 (pm) - 12/14 (am) - Leo

12/19 -21 (am) - Scorpio

12/23 (am) - 12/25(am) - Capricorn

Planets in Sagittarius:

Venus 12/5/14 - 12/29/14

Mercury 12/13/14 - 12/31/14

Sun 12/15/14 - 1/14/15

New Moon 12/21/14 5:35pm (pst) Sagittarius/Mula Nakshatra



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