July New Moon Forecast

New Moon Forecast: July 15 - 6:24pm PDT

This new moon (amavasya) this month is taking place at the very end of the sign Gemini, Wednesday evening (pdt). It is also falling within a sandhi point in the sidereal zodiac. Sandhi is a very interesting location since it is at the tail end of one sign but not quite into the next. As a result it is a very sensitive point for any planet. In this case, the Sun and the dark Moon, are especially tenuous through Friday.

At the same time Jupiter will have just moved into Leo (ruled by the Sun), so both Sun and Jupiter will be in transition and VERY weak.

Mercury, the the ruling planet of Gemini (and the transiting Sun and Moon for this lunar phase!) is also compromised since Mercury is engaged in a planetary war (graha yuddha/planets within one degree of each other, battling it out!) with Mars. Mercury is very easily influenced by this krura (cruel) energy from Mars, Sun and the dark Moon. Sun and Mars are both fiery and the combination with Mercury in an air sign can be explosive!

Mercury will be affected by Mars until about the third week of July and will continue to be agitated now and beyond this new moon phase! Expect communication and air travel to be affected by these transits.

Gemini and Virgo rising will feel this planetary war with Mars during the new moon quite strongly.

Now for the good news! :)

Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury are all transiting through the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Punarvasu during amavasya. Punarvasu is presided over by the goddess Aditi. The sanskrit name Aditi can be interpreted as boundless or infinity. She is a very protective by nature. She is the cosmic mother, and is often invoked by those who need help with their families or for protection.

Wherever this new moon and the house that Gemini represents in your chart can connect with a newfound freedom from restriction in your life. Although you may want to think if it like your last calling to manifest this in your life as related to Gemini and the house Gemini rules in your chart, since this lunation is at the very end of the sign!

If you want to understand how the new and full moons come into play in your life as they connect to your chart, you can schedule a reading with me. I have a new 30 minute reading that covers both the new and full moons for one month, relative to your chart! Message me for more info.

Thanks for taking time to read my long blog post!

Hapoy new moon!



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