Venus Retrograde: A Love Story Rewound?

Every 18 months or so the planet of love heads backwards. Or at least it appears to from our geocentric perspective here on earth.

When planets go retrograde it can signal a period of reassessment surrounding the meanings related to that planet, and the houses it rules in our horoscope. In this case, Venus, the planet of love, luxury and beauty is retrograde, from July 24 - September 3, 2015.

Saturn is stationing (almost at a standstill) and prepared to go direct in sidereal Scorpio on August 2nd. While at the same time, Venus is slowing down to turn retrograde. Venus is also experiencing a very strong aspect from practical Saturn and desirous Rahu. They are all within a few degrees of one another in their respective signs at the time Venus turns retrograde.

What kind of experience should we expect then around all things Venusian from this planetary rewind of Venus? Of course, depending upon our own chart, the houses that Venus, Rahu and Saturn occupy by transit and rule will determine our specific life experience.

The mitigating circumstances between Venus going retrograde and Saturn going direct plus the influence of Rahu, is a complicated planetary scenario.

During Saturn’s station in Scorpio, it will strongly be influencing Venus in Leo. (This is called a square aspect in western astrology due to the incompatible elements of fire and water signs). It is almost as if Saturn is saying to Venus “I know you are headed back to Cancer for some comforts of home, rest and relaxation, but this time around you can forget about it!” Saturn is sending the signal that all things “Venusian” are going to be restricted by his powerful gaze. All of the indications of Venus will be under review in accordance with Saturn during this retrograde phase.

Saturn is the planet of karma with a capital “K”! Saturn represents hard work and what we are known for in this lifetime. He brings us significant lessons, nudging us toward a more spiritual path and the evolution of our souls. Sometimes his lessons come in the form of sorrow, or physical and emotional suffering.

Saturn is also going to ask us to take a practical and realistic assessment of our relationships. He will help us to understand more deeply our responsibility within our relationships and ask us which extraneous luxuries we really need in our life. On a more mundane astrological level this may affect sales of luxury goods and the stock market in the fourth quarter 2015 and early 2016. (More on this topic later.)

The other unique quality about this particular Venus retrograde phase is that it will be traversing a dangerous point within the zodiac. Venus must cross the treacherous Leo, Cancer boundary two more times during and after the retrograde phase. This point is called gandanta. Gandanta is the place between water and fire signs and is one of the weakest places in the zodiac for a transiting planet. Anyone who is ruled by Venus or who has the ruler of you chart, Sun or Moon in Leo, Libra or Taurus may experience this transit most intensely.

Because of this gandanta transit, Venus will be extremely compromised from August 11 through August 14 and again late September until early October. These are not the times to make important decisions around relationships or purchase luxury items...that new yacht of yours will just have to wait!

But wait...there’s more!

Let’s not forget about the influence of Rahu on Venus while in Leo. Rahu has an agenda that is quite different than Saturn. Rahu’s desirous nature simply cannot be fulfilled. Period. The influence of Rahu on Venus while in Leo will create excessive desire for relationships, luxury items, and artistic endeavors. Saturn, however, would like to put the brakes on any Rahu/Venusian overindulgence.

This extreme polarity of energy from strict Saturn and irreverent Rahu is also placing a lot of pressure on the sign Leo and all of the planets within. If you are Leo rising or have your chart ruler, Sun or Moon in Leo, you may experience this energetic tug of war between these two planets strongly. At the same time Jupiter is trying to maintain some kind of balance while in Leo.

There is a lot more to write about regarding this important Venus retrograde phase, so stay tuned for my webinar on August 1 that goes deeper into this retrograde phase and ther key tranists for the balance of 2015!

In the meantime, we can all look to uncover the balance between and around what we desire in our relationships and what is actually feasible and responsible. Rewind. Reconsider and reevaluate.

What do we really need from Venus as it relates to love, relationship and the comforts in our lives?

To find out what this transit of Venus means for you, your relationship and other areas of your life - schedule a reading with Pamela today.

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